3 Ways To Avoid Child Care Violations!

Hello Childcare Provider,
I know the most annoying thing ever in a center is getting violations. There is nothing more upsetting than getting violations for things that totally could have been avoided! Violations in many states are public information and parents that may look up your school may see them and question your center's ability. Below I have outlined 3 ways that can help keep your center in good standing. These are only 3 ways, there are many more!
3 Ways To Avoid Child Care Violations
1. Binder Love- Get a binder and put all the teacher credentials in there. Seperate each section so that each teacher has all their things in one place. One binder for Infant/Toddler teachers, Preschool Teachers and Afterschool Teachers. Get some sheet protectors and put each teacher with their credentials in each section. Get really organized.
2.Google Sheets/Excel is your friend- Make a google sheets file and put each teacher’s information in there, with their credentials and expiration dates.
3.Google Calendar- Put all your staff expiration dates in google and reminder dates to get in the new files before they expire.