5 Tips To Organize Your Childcare Office

Hello Childcare Provider,
Just like the eyes are the window to someone's soul, your office is the window to your childcare center. If your office is a mess it is an indicator that you may not have things all together in your center. The one thing that I cannot stand is losing important documents. Also, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The last impression you want to give is that your center is unorganized or has poor communication. Below are 5 tips to organize your childcare office.
5 Tips To Organize Your Childcare Office
1. Binder Love- We spoke about this in one of our previous posts. Have all credentials a hand reach away.
2. Folders with applications, new medical form, holiday list, upcoming event list, tuition list , ready for new families that want to sign up
3. A list of all classrooms and students with ages. This will help you know when you will have spaces in classes if someone asks.
4. Free the clutter. No clutter should be in your office. Throw it out or organize it!
5. Branding items- If you have t-shirts, mugs, sippy cups with your logo or brand on it, make it visible!
We want you to get every client that walks through the door. Now that you are organized check out our program that will help you get them enrolled!