7 Ways To Create Parent Loyalty In A Childcare Center

As any childcare business owner knows, customer loyalty is essential to success. The same is true for parents and their children. To create parent loyalty, childcare businesses need to focus on creating quality service, establishing trust, and providing value. Here are seven ways to create parent loyalty.


  1. Communication - Always be attentive, and respectful. Make parents feel valued and comfortable. This helps to build trust and confidence.
  2. Keep Your promises- Say what you mean and mean what you say. If you have promised to look into something or find information, do it!
  3. Be Resourceful- As a childcare provider, you should always be able to help parents with their concerns for their children. Having a list of different vendors, training, and workshops for parents is always helpful.
  4. Deal With Complaints- If there is a complaint you must do what it takes to figure it out. Deal with the facts of any complaint.
  5. Listen To Parents- Parents will get upset or have questions, this is the time you listen. Nothing is too big or too small for your attention.
  6. Be Helpful- Help where and when you can.
  7. Apologize- When you are wrong, apologize.


Parent service is one of the biggest things to attack in your business because in service businesses word of mouth referrals are a big deal. Parents that have a good experience will tell more people. They are your walking billboard. Treat them well.