What Are Your Posting On Social Media?

Good Morning Childcare Provider,
So many childcare centers are scared to post on social media because they do not want any type of backlash or misunderstandings. The truth is I think having 2 pages in worth looking into. One page is promotional and does not show kids faces from your program. This page can show activities and/or the physical location but not any current students in your center. The second page is private and parents have access to the page. Real names for students are never used on social media for the safety of the students at your center.
As far as what to post, just think what would a parent would like to know and see.
Below are 5 Ideas that are useful for your social media page
5 Things to post on social media
  1. Current events reminders
  2. Inspirational Quotes
  3. Current Activities 
  4. Parent Testimonials 
  5. Video of something that is repost worthy!
Parents like to brag about their kids, give them something to brag about. They will share it or repost it and others will see it and ask questions. Social media is a SOCIAL network so be sure to engage with your audience. Always check the background, and make sure the child looks prepared for the picture (clean nose, shoes on the correct foot,etc...), and ALWAYS approve all pictures before they are sent out or posted on any social media site!
Happy Posting!
-Ms.Ari ​
P.S. If you need help with your social media pages please feel free to contact us to book a consultation with one of our marketing consultants.